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Woodway 4Front Treadmill with LED Console - Ex Demo

Woodway 4Front Treadmill with LED Console - Ex Demo

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The 4Front is not just a treadmill; it is our commitment to providing the most innovative, longest lasting, and most comfortable treadmill solution to all of your fitness needs. The 4Front was designed to mimic the feel of running outdoors and to provide the user with a dynamic, low-impact workout every time.

It is the next generation in a long line of products that feature exceptional comfort and versatility courtesy of WOODWAY’s patented Slat Belt running surface.

The 4Front comes fully equipped with 3 different training modes including traditional, dynamic and resistance.

Sell Sheet

Speed: Unlimited

Incline: Natural Curve

Dimensions (LxWxH): 170 x 84 x 170cm

Maximum user weight: 180kg

With unlimited mobility, the Curve Trainer allows the user to take full control of their workout allowing for easy transition between various speeds and tempo runs. Not in the mood to run? The Curve Trainer makes for a great walking platform while still providing all the direct benefits of running. Burn up to 30% more calories on this completely self-powered machine.


Unlike most conventional treadmills, the Woodway Curve Trainer requires zero electricity. No outlet, no electricity bill, no annoying cords. Enjoy a completely manual treadmill running experience without any electrical costs. The Curve Trainer operates when the user steps forward along the running surface, propelling the belt with their stride.

No need to push a button and wait for the treadmill to speed up. As a user takes longer strides up the curved belt, the speed increases, and as the user simply drifts back towards the rear, the speed decreases. The freedom runner has on the Curve Trainer makes this piece of equipment the ideal group training tool.


The Slat Belt running surface lasts up to 200,000 kms without a single belt change or deck swap. With 112 ball bearings, the belt glides smoothly, which results in years of life with very little maintenance and zero consumption. There is no need to adjust the tension of the belt because our design utilizes tracking rollers and a toothed pulley. Also, because it is non-motorized, there are no electrical components to be replaced.


When you just want to get the job done, the results are in the workout with this easy-to-use display that does not require electricity.

  • Track speed,
  • distance,
  • time,
  • watts,
  • laps, and
  • heart rate. 


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