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Total Body Workout Poster

Total Body Workout Poster


The CrossCore® Total Body Workout Poster is designed to educate the CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™ user on how to correctly perform exercises and progressions with proper form and safety in mind. The poster divides the body into three segments (upper body, core and lower body) and demonstrates a range of exercises to effectively and completely train each one. The CrossCore® Total Body Workout Poster also guides the user on proper foot and arm positioning inside handle cradles, rope length adjustment, how to lock and unlock the pulley and utilizing body angle to increase or decrease the resistance. The CrossCore® Total Body Workout Poster is one of the most comprehensive workout posters on the market.


  • Includes one laminated 36” high x 24” wide workout poster.
  • CrossCore® recommends that anyone using this poster first reads the Disclaimer and Safety Procedures included in each CrossCore180® or War Machine® Basic Training Manual and/or DVD.

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