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Our Company

Our History

The Fitness Generation leads the way in understanding the importance in promoting healthy living by providing global brands and exceptional products that make a difference to people's health and fitness.

We are proudly Australian owned with a national footprint and since 1982 the Fitness Generation has partnered with outstanding world renowned global brands including TRUE Fitness, Freemotion, Hoist, Schwinn, Nautilus, Expresso, Indo-Row, Concept2, Peak Pilates, Powerplate and Ropeflex products. In 2009, we launched Healthstream, our own range of cardio and strength equipment. 

Our customers come first and are the most crucial part of our business. With our national sales and support services we are able to assist each customer with any request which enables them to achieve their goals.

Our international brands:

  • Ropeflex

The Healthstream commercial cardio and strength range was launched in 2009, providing an affordable alternative to our global brands.

We market and distribute premium and reliable health and fitness exercise product solutions via the commercial, retail and corporate channels.

Our policies:

View our company policies here.  

Our clients:

  • Health & Fitness Centres
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Medical and Rehabilitation facilities
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Government institutions
  • Defence
  • Emergency Services
  • Retail

  • Home

Our products:


  • Treadmills
  • Stepmills
  • Elliptical cross trainers
  • Upright and Recumbent bikes
  • Airdyne bikes
  • Indoor cycles
  • Youth fitness products
  • Rowing machines
  • Swim and kayak ergometers


  • Plate loaded
  • Freeweights
  • Pin loaded
  • Functional training zones


  • Pilates reformers
  • Vibration platforms

As part of the Belgravia group, the commercial, corporate and retail markets can be assured that they are working with a stable, secure supplier of health and fitness equipment.

For additional information on any one of our commercial, corporate, home ranges or youth fitness products please call us on 03 8766 0499.

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