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True Composite, AB Crunch/Back Row

True Composite, AB Crunch/Back Row

$999.00 $4,950.00

The AB CRUNCH/BACK ROW combines the benefits of core conditioning with the simultaneous knee raise and back row exercises. An easily adjustable, multi-position starting point allows this machine to accommodate a wide range of users varying in size and flexibility levels. The multi-grip handlebars provide added user stability during exercise and allow users to find the most comfortable position for precise exercise execution.


• Safer and more effective method of functional training for users of all ability levels
• Incorporates both upper and lower body exercises for a faster and more efficient workout
• Incorporate oblique muscles by unlocking the swivelling shin pad for added results
• Enables users to burn more calories and strengthen more muscle groups in less time



DIMENSIONS: (L X W X H) 85” x 31” x 61” / 216 cm x 79 cm x 155 cm
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 557 lbs / 253 kg
COLOUR: Charcoal

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