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A powerful tool to maximize performance

Reflexive stabilization of the body significantly increases nerve to muscle communication (Neuromuscular System). The tri-planar movement of Power Plate training sends proprioceptive information to your brain that your centre of gravity (COG) is being challenged in three-dimensional space. Sensing stimulation of the entire system, the body’s proprioceptive system is equipped to quickly and safely respond to rapid changes in direction, accommodate for increased shock absorption, and prepare the neuromuscular system for loading and unloading. With the increased demand placed on the body, the cardiovascular system is stimulated to increase circulation, lymphatic fluid drainage, and recovery hormone production, pushing out waste products from muscle and connective tissue, aiding in recovery.

Power Plate is an effective workout like you’ve never experienced before.

With the most precise repetition in the whole body vibration platform category, Power Plate provides a superior stimulation to the nervous system. That means development in whole body neuromuscular re-education, balance, mobility and stability, strength and motor control (muscle memory), in a shorter time frame than with traditional methods. Using Power Plate as a functional tool allows you to elevate your performance or safely return to your lifestyle, sport, and activities with increased confidence and significantly lower rates of re-injury.

Our technologies are backed by research and scientifically proven to enhance sports performance, prevent injury, and improve rehabilitation time. This explains why top college and university teams, Olympic athletes, and professional sports teams rely on our products to produce measurable results.

Power Plate promotes muscle activity and performance. According to scientific research, athletes training with Power Plate have experienced significant increases in sprint performance, overall improvement in jump height, and explosive strength and endurance. Whole body vibration training has also been shown to increase range of motion, coordination, balance, and stability.
Power Plate increases performance in the weight room, during practice, and in competition. Power Plate helps athletes maintain performance and reduce risk of injury during training and competition. The athlete is able to activate and engage muscle more effectively than previously possible.
Power Plate promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and soft tissue, while also aiding in pain reduction. Power Plate decreases muscle atrophy and reduces the pain associated with recovery. In addition, clinical observations and empirical evidence from medical and therapeutic practitioners provided consistent feedback about the use of whole body vibration with patients: pain is reduced, athletes feel better, and they recover faster.