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Spa and Beauty

Spa & Beauty

A new dimension in the spa experience

In the crowded world of spas and salons, Power Plate is your key to revitalizing the experience you provide clients each and every visit. That’s because Power Plate is an innovative, state-of-the-art service that brings benefits and variety to your spa treatment menu.

By delivering vibrations that contract every muscle in the body, Power Plate dramatically increases circulation while stimulating lymphatic drainage to detoxify and revitalize. Increased circulation can also help alleviate pain and stress, making Power Plate the perfect complement to body wraps, massage and other therapeutic treatments helping to bring body and mind into harmony.

Power Plate’s whole body vibration technology gives your clients a reason to come back more often—and bring friends.

Power Plate vibration stimulates reflexive muscle response and activates more muscle fibers. That means the effect of holding a pose or performing a stretch is enhanced—so shorter sessions yield faster results. Your clients can see and feel results in as little as two or three short sessions a week, making it easier for them to achieve what’s possible.

Benefits are more than skin deep

Power Plate is the next generation of spa and beauty technology, delivering whole body vibration that can aid weight loss, reduce the appearance of cellulite, enhance relaxation and even help alleviate pain. In fact, scientific studies have shown the link between vibration treatments and increases in bone density, critical in combating osteoporosis. When you put Power Plate in your spa, studio or wellness center, you show your commitment to helping people achieve harmony and feel their best.