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Nautilus ONE Dial Pin Loaded Strength

Introducing the Nautilus One® line, the next generation of single-station strength.

Nautilus One® equipment combines a revolutionary new weight stack technology with the most intuitive and user-friendly selection method ever created: a dial. The result is a line of equipment that finally brings single-station training into the 21st century. 

Weight Tower

All units utilise a single weight tower design, always placed on the same side of the movement. The weight tower is only 47” high, creating an open, uncluttered look.

The Technical Details

These machines are genius in their simplicity.

  • Patented weight stack technology - a rack of plates, stacked side-by-side
  • Turning the dial engages “hook” mechanism to select desired weight
  • Fewer pulleys and belts than current weight stack technologies, no guide rods and no weight stack pins
  • The result is a smooth, plate-loaded workout feel from a selectorised machine

Ever turned a door knob? Then you already know how to use Nautilus ONE equipment

  • Select weight with the simple turn of the aluminium dial - It’s that easy
  • The dial is based on the incredibly successful Select tech dumbbells
  • The dial is always within reach from the seated position - no more bending down, reaching behind or standing up to adjust weight selection

Weight System

  • All machines (except Leg Press) come standard with 250 lb. weight system, adjustable in 5 lb. increments. Total weight potential is 255 lbs.
  • Leg Press standard with 425 lbs., adjustable in 5 lb. increments. Total weight potential is 445 lbs.

Ultimate User Experience

  • Supports and comfort from custom contoured, hand-crafted upholstery
  • Easy, smooth user set-up with standard hydraulic seat adjustments
  • Instructional placards are large and graphical - no text - and utilize lenticular images (they move as you move your head) to visually demonstrate correct movement
  • Proper machine set-up is facilitated by large red markers on axis points that aid users in proper joint alignment