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Nautilus NOVA Pin Loaded Strength

Maximize Your Investment

The Nautilus Nova line offers you the same commitment to biomechanical and mechanical excellence as the rest of the Nautilus strength lines in a more affordable package.

The modern streamlined design minimizes floor space requirements with the ability to closely arrange machines, making this line of strength equipment perfect for facilities with limited space. Nautilus NOVA delivers maximum results without sacrificing any quality, and offers facilities with limited resources the opportunity to maximize their investment.

Attention to Detail

We are committed to providing superior strength equipment that is high-quality, functional, yet comfortable and packed with features.

The Nautilus Nova line uses the same 11 gauge steel  frame tubes and commercial-grade components as our other popular Nautilus EVO and XPLoad strength lines.

Kevlar belt drive system, double sealed bearings, four-bar linkage and ultra-low friction guide rod bearings provide longer life and a smoother feel than conventional cable drive systems.

Marine-grade, contoured upholstery adds comfort, longevity and improved aesthetics over moulded pads.

Each machine features easy-to-access weight stacks in 15 lb. increments, along with a 5 lb. add-on weight systems and a user-friendly accessory tray.

4 Key Features of Nautilus NOVA Equipment

  • Increased visibility through transparent weight towers.
  • Integrated 5 lb. increment add-on weight system inside fully-shielded towers
  • User-friendly moulded accessory tray accommodates a variety of items
  • Quick and easy seat adjustments with a safe and solid pop-pin system