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Nautilus Freeweights & Functional Training Strength

We’re driven because you’re driven.

Pursuit of perfection is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Pursuit of perfection is what drove us for two years of designs, reviews, and more designs. Perfection is the only thing we are willing to offer you.

Introducing our new commercial free weight line, a study in perfection.

Our strength training experts, industry consultants and fitness facility managers drew-up their dream designs. Nautilus engineers made those dreams a reality. Afew big changes and a lot of subtle ones result in the easiest to use, highest performing line of commercial free weights we’ve ever developed. Details you’ll discover include new user-friendly adjustment mechanisms, innovative and thoughtful bench designs and modern hi-tech frame shapes that make you want to reach out and touch them.

Perfection? Study the details, then you decide.

Designed for performance, ease of use, and aesthetics

  • No "pop pins" on any of our adjustable pieces—ratcheting mechanisms are more durable and provide more solid placements.
  • Thoughtful details your members will notice like entry and exit handles and ergonomic pads to properly support the user and enable full range of motion.
  • Adjustment levers/touch points are coloured blue for easy identification.
  • You'll find wheels on the most popular benches for easy transport
  • Tri-pod base creates a perfectly stable platform.